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About Us

Who is Mohamed Takhim ?

Mohamed Takhim is the owner and C.E.O. of TTBS – a Belgian company focused on phosphate technology located in Louvain-La-Neuve city at Monnet Laboratory center.

Eng. Takhim has over 25 years experience as process developer and industrial project manager. He is a process chemical engineer holding a Master Degree in Project Management from ESC Lille and a MBA from the French Business School SKEMA.

The company

The story of TTBS

TTBS is a Belgian company located In Jean Monnet Laboratory in Louvain-La-Neuve. The company is established by Eng. Mohamed Takhim.

Our main objective  is to supply the phosphate market with efficient technical and business solutions for its faced challenges.

TTBS has developed a new patented process “RubiPhos” for phosphate recovery from low grade phosphate rock and fly ashes of the mono incineration of sludge by using sulfuric and chlorhydric.

Business Model

TTBS asset combination

This is how we are developing our technical solutions offer to the phosphate market clients :


Labs & Pilot facilities for raw materials testing (Belgium LLN: 5 highly skilled peoples)


Engineering office & equipment supply ( selected long term collaboration Subcontractors )


Industrial validation test using our mobile Pilot Plant


Installing industrial plant at the client site plug and play


Off take agreement to help the client to selling the end product

Our process advantages

Addressable markets and clients


  • The ability to use fly ashes or low-grade phosphate rock gives great advantage to the customer as the cost of LG rock/fly ashes is much lower than the high-grade rock used in the conventional process. (-50€ vs +120€)
  • Production of high added value product from low cost RM or fertilizer commodities product


  • Circular economy : using fly ashes and HCl from mono incineration of sludges and Plastic wastes
  • Limited energy consumption
  • Producing high yield & effective products for agricultural and feed applications


  • The quality of the phosphoric acid/phosphate salts obtained is high and the flexibility of the process allows fixing the process parameters to get the most adequate composition of phosphate products to meet the market needs